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Application of Petroleum Resin in Coatings (¢ò)

author£ºadmin Date£º2016/12/9 17:45:40

High viscosity asphalt modifier, composed of thermoplastic elastomer, petroleum resin and diatomite, improves the flowability of polymer and the high temperature storage stability of asphalt. The effect of petroleum resin on the dissolution of asphaltene aggregates was studied. It was shown that the solubility of asphaltenes was greatly enhanced by the formation of emulsions in some petroleum resins.

In the epoxy resin, polyurethane blend paint to join the alicyclic petroleum resin, can improve the product hardness, flexion test, temperature water resistance, weather resistance and other indicators. In the process of preparing the varnish, adding aliphatic petroleum resin, can be glossy, hue, better stability of the varnish. Compared with the existing damping materials, with low cost, wide application and good weather resistance and so on.