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Domestic C5 hydrogenated petroleum resin market introduction

author£ºadmin Date£º2016/12/12 18:08:42

C5 petroleum resin as a result of the acid value is low, miscibility, low melting point, good adhesion, water and chemical resistance, can be used as adhesives, inks, rubber tackifier, paper sizing agent and a variety of coatings of the additive. In recent years, with the improvement of production technology, the development of new varieties, the expansion of applications and market demand growth, China's petroleum resin into the high-speed development stage, in recent years the average annual growth rate is 12%.

At present, foreign C5 petroleum resin production capacity of about 400,000 t /a, the United States, Japan and Europe were about 57%, 20% and 25%. Japan's major manufacturers are Exxon, Eastman, Amoco, Picco, Uelsicol, etc .; Japanese manufacturers are Rui Weng, Mitsui Petrochemical, Japan Petrochemical, Fuji Shing Industrial Company, etc .; Western Europe (Germany, France, Netherlands, etc.) production of C5 petroleum resin company has four, production capacity of about 80,000 t /a.

At present, the domestic petroleum resin production equipment to C9 petroleum resin, accounting for 70% of the total capacity, C5 petroleum resin accounted for 30%, about 60,000 t /a. China's petroleum resin industry and the developed countries there is a big gap, many problems to be solved. Such as raw material supply instability; mixed C5 fractions lack the necessary means of separation and purification; resin production technology is relatively backward; most of the device production scale is small, single species, product quality is not high, especially product color, softening point and other major quality indicators unstable, so that its application is very limited, and high-grade petroleum resin supply and demand gap is large, some application areas long-term dependence on imports.