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Petroleum resin polyurethane waterproof coating

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Petroleum resin polyurethane waterproof coating is a kind of two-component reactive polyurethane waterproof material composed of compound with isocyanate group and curing agent composed of petroleum resin and other additives, fillers and other materials. Based on environmental requirements, the promotion of non-tar polyurethane waterproof coating, petroleum resin polyurethane waterproof coating is a rejection of the coal tar composition of waterproof coating, the product of high solid content, excellent performance, low cost, is a tar-type polyurethane waterproof coating ideal one of the alternatives.

Raw material: Petroleum resin is a low-molecular-weight polymer obtained by polymerizing olefins by-products. The mixed rare-earth hydrocarbon is a C9 fraction containing as a main component an olefin, a diene, and a cycloolefin primary-benzene diene derivative. Petroleum resin has a number average molecular weight of 300 to 30000 and a softening point of 5 to 150 ¡æ. It is a thermoplastic viscous solid or solid, and the softening point is one of the main indexes for measuring the performance of petroleum resin. It depends on the relative molecular mass, and is usually used as a basis for petroleum resin classification. The softening point of petroleum resin is 90 ~ 110 ¡æ, the relative molecular mass is between 1000 ~ 1400; the softening point is up to 140 ~ 150 ¡æ, the lowest is 20 ~ 3 ¡æ, the relative molecular weight is below 600, the resin is in the form of a liquid.