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Petroleum resin has a very complex composition

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Petroleum resin composition is very complex, the chemical composition of more branched, with a small amount of aromatic hydrocarbons, can be seen as the removal of small molecules and asphaltene asphalt, the quality of products between batches of poor stability, it is difficult to ensure the performance of petroleum resin polyurethane waterproof coating consistent. However, the petroleum resin can be mixed with polyurethanes under the action of augmenting agent, because it contains no active ingredients and is mixed as an inert filler. It is limited to the mixing capacity of the universal agitator and can not be mixed with other materials. Micro-formation of a whole, resulting in polyurethane prepolymer and curing agent reaction is slow, leading to slow curing, early strength is low. In practical application, the curing speed is related to the amount of diluent. With the increase of the amount of diluent, the effect of the increasing agent will be reduced, the petroleum resin will precipitate, the curing will be incomplete, the coating strength will decrease, so if can effectively control the addition of diluent, can be controlled to a certain extent, curing time.

Preparation of Coatings:
(1) Select polyether N220, N330 and TDI, PAPI as raw materials, made of polyurethane prepolymer, a component and tar products basically want to use, molecular weight of 1000 to 8000 polyether polyols can be selected, control polyether diol, trihydric alcohol varieties and their proportion, you can meet the requirements.
(2) Be composed by the liquid filler (petroleum resin), chain extender, powdery solid fillers, thickeners, catalysts and other components.

Polyurethane waterproof coating commonly used chain extender MOCA that not easily dissolved in liquid fillers, should be used DETDA (diethyl toluene diamine) and DMTDA (dimethyl mercapto toluene diamine) complex.