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Production of C5 petroleum resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2016/12/15 17:49:28

C5 petroleum resin production process, including raw materials, pretreatment, polymerization, and washing, solvent recovery, off oligomers, product packaging and molding waste treatment.

(1) Raw material pretreatment
Different C5 petroleum resins require different feedstocks, especially for the three diene content of the more stringent requirements. The finer the separation of raw materials, the better the resin quality. Obviously, the extractive distillation method has a high content of the pentadiene fraction, and has a high yield of the resin, a high molecular weight, a concentrated distribution, a good chromaticity and stability, and at the same time, as a modified monoolefin.

(2) Polymerization and treatment
After the solvent enters the reactor, the catalyst is added, and then the pentadiene fraction and the comonomer are added. The reaction temperature is generally 30 to 75 DEG C and the reaction time is 1 to 3.5 hours. Thereafter, the reaction product was sent to a neutralization washing tank, neutralized with a catalyst in the polymerization solution and washed with water to remove the remaining alkali solution in the polymerization solution, and the catalyst was completely removed. Removing the unreacted raw material and solvent, and finally removing the oligomer by water vapor to obtain the petroleum resin product.