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Development of Refining Process of C5 Petroleum Resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2016/12/16 17:37:48
C5 petroleum resin production most of the intermittent refining process, the principle is simple distillation, according to the boiling point of each component difference is large, the polymerization solution is distilled to different temperatures, which will be fractionated out of the components. The process is as follows: after washing qualified polymer solution with the pump to the distillation kettle, distillation kettle using high-pressure steam coil heating, the kettle liquid temperature heated to 60 ¡ãC, not polycarbonate five distilled out and condensed by the condenser was not and the boiling point of the liquid resin is relatively high, so the system is adjusted to negative pressure (-0.093MPa), the kettle liquid, and the boiling point of the liquid resin, the temperature was maintained at 200-210 ¡ãC and the low pressure steam was stripped and the liquid resin was distilled off. The remaining liquid in the kettle is solid C5 petroleum resin melt, the kettle liquid into the resin coagulation pool, the natural cooling was solid petroleum resin, broken, packaging, weighing and sent to the warehouse.