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Physical properties of petroleum resins(¢ñ)

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To measure the molecular structure of petroleum resin residues in the amount of unreacted double bond, the price of iodine or iodine price. High degree of unsaturation, that the weather resistance and heat resistance is poor, easy to oxidation or carbon; but the degree of unsaturation is also easy grafting.

Acid value:
The acid value represents the carboxylic acid content of the carbon-5 petroleum resin molecule and is a measure of the degree of change of the carboxyl compound of the petroleum resin after being placed in the air.

The presence of inorganic impurities in the petroleum resin is undesirable. These impurities are incomplete residues after neutralization or corrosion in tanks and pipelines.

Wax fog point:
The compatibility between petroleum resin and elastomer is usually expressed by the wax mist point, which is the performance index related to molecular weight, molecular weight distribution and resin polarity. It is important to maintain the initial viscosity and viscosity of the adhesive. Balance effect. Petroleum resin wax has low fogging point, and the compatibility between elastomer and resin and wax system is good.