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The properties of petroleum resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2016/12/7 18:19:00

Petroleum resin is a low molecular weight (Mw = 500 ~ 2,000) polymer, according to the requirements of the following important characteristics:

1, Softening point - Ring and Ball Method test, can show the degree of heat resistance of petroleum resin and hardness, generally due to the requirements of different types of application have different softening point. For example, paint coating requirements of the softening point of 110 ~ 120 ¡æ, while the rubber is required to have 80 ~ 100 ¡æ softening point.

2, The color - usually in 50wt% toluene solution in Gardner color scale, usually pure monomer resin color best (Gardner <1), C5 resin is the second (Gardner <5), and C9 and DCPD deepest.

3. Unsaturation - to measure the molecular structure of petroleum resin residues in the amount of unreacted double bond, the price of iodine or iodine price table. High degree of unsaturation, that the weather resistance and heat resistance is poor, easy to oxidation or carbon; but not easy to grafting of high degree of unsaturation.

4, Compatibility - there are solubility parameter and aniline point and other indicators, and the best way is directly in the petroleum resin in the polymer matrix to measure Tg and cloud point. The remaining viscosity, acid value, weather resistance, heat resistance and other indicators, due to different application areas have their different test methods.