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Petroleum resin market overview

author£ºadmin Date£º2016/12/8 17:48:47

The global production of petroleum resins (including cumarone-indene resin) is estimated at about 850,000 metric tons, of which the Americas (mostly the United States) accounted for 47%, Europe 28% and Asia 25%. By category, C 5 and DCPD petroleum resin accounts for about 38%, C9 and cumarone-indene resin accounts for about 45%, hydrogenated petroleum resin accounts for about 17%. The future of resin growth should be C 5 and hydrogenated petroleum resin-based.

Japan in 1999 the annual output of 137,000 tons of petroleum resin, of which 53,000 tons of export, Japan, the actual consumption of 84,000 tons.

The main function of petroleum resin is to provide viscosity and wetting effect, different types of petroleum resin or tackifier, have a certain degree of interoperability, but in various applications also have their own unique. The main application areas for the coating, then the agent, hot-melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesives, sense of pressure plastic, road paint (road signs paint), ink and rubber.