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Application of Petroleum Resin in Coatings (¢ñ)

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Petroleum resins are different from general purpose resins. Petroleum resins can not be used alone, usually with other substances and as blends to improve the performance of various products. In the coatings industry, petroleum resin can be combined with other resins, all or part of the replacement of high-priced resin, so as to achieve lower costs, improve product gloss, hardness, water resistance, stability and chemical resistance and other properties of purpose. For example, in the formulation of novolak, the equivalent of C9 petroleum resin instead of rosin modified phenolic resin and rosin calcium resin, the products still meet the standards of phenolic varnish and phenolic enamel, but the cost of C9 petroleum resin is not rosin modified phenolic resin cost of 1/4, so can greatly reduce costs. It can improve the hardness, flexure test, hot water resistance, weatherability and other indexes of epoxy resin, polyamide blending paint by adding alicyclic petroleum resin.

Petroleum resin as the main component, mixed with alkyd resin, melamine resin and a small amount of additives and solvents, after the formation of a green paint, the paint has a permanent role in the sustained release of negative ions, to make sure it react with toxic and harmful Chemical substances, so as to achieve the purpose of green chemistry. The color binder containing petroleum resin is used in roadway lane and expressway.